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Swan Lake

In addition to the excellent dancing, fabulous sets, and Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music, Brussels International Ballet's Swan Lake is an unforgettable experience for ballet enthusiasts and first-timers alike.

Swan Lake details
Guest stars
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Joy Womack

Joy Womack was born in 1994 in Beverly Hills, California. She began her formal training in Santa Monica at The Westside Academy of Ballet. She received supplemental instruction in the Los Angeles area with The Marat Daukeyev School of Ballet and The Yuri Gregoriev School of Ballet.

Before being introduced to serious Vaganova training, Joy trained mainly at Westside Academy of Ballet under the directorship of Yvounne Mounsey. 

In the summer of 2006, Joy began training seriously as a pupil of the Vaganova pedagogy with Jennifer Felkner at Austin School of Classical Ballet.

She studied at the Kirov from 2007 to 2009

In 2009 Joy was one of the first American dancers to be offered a three-year contract with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy (Moscow State Academy of Choreography) in Moscow. At 17, whilst still at the Academy, she was the first American female to dance the lead in Yuri Grigorovich’s “La Fille Mal Gardee.” She was the First American to Graduate with a Red Diploma from the Russian Program and performed the lead role in Paquita while still in the Graduating class.


In 2012 Joy became the first American woman to be invited to dance with the Bolshoi Ballet Theater, signing a soloist contract with the company.

In January 2014 She accepted the invitation to join the Kremlin Ballet as Principal Dancer at age 19.

Joy joined Universal Ballet as a Principal Dancer in 2018.

In 2019 She split her time guest performing around the world with companies Sofia National Opera and Ballet, Kracow Opera and Ballet, and The Russian State Ballet.

She became a Master Teacher of Body Code System and a Certified Neufit rehab specialist to support her research for The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts in dance injury prevention. 

In 2020, Joy because an Artist with Boston Ballet as well as a NCSF certified personal Trainer.

Since 2020 Joy is a Prima Ballerina with Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theatre.

In 2022 Joy became the chief of choreography of the Joika Film.

In 2022 Joy joined the Ballet D’Capitole Toulouse as a guest.

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Andrii Havryliuk

2008 - studied at the Kiev Ballet School
2015 - studied at the Choreographic College of the same city
2016/2019 - worked at the Munich Ballet Academy in Germany
Sinec 2019 - he has been soloist of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Ballet Theater.
Pas de trois, Prince Siegfried – Tchaikovsky: SWAN LAKE
Prince Désiré  - Tchaikovsky: THE SLEEPING BEAUTY   
Prince – Tchaikovsky:THE NUTCRACKER
Apollo – Stravinsky: APOLON MUSAGÈTE
Geppetto  - Respighi: PINOCCHIO
3rd international competition of choreographic and classical dance „Idea“, Kyiv, Ukraine, second place (2013),
8th  international competition of classical dance „Glass slipper“, Charkiv, Ukraine, second place (2013),
YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX, among the twenty finalists (2016)



Swan Lake




Swan Lake




Swan Lake




Swan Lake




Swan Lake




Swan Lake





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Princess Odette is turned into a swan by the sorcerer Von Rothbart.


Prince Siegfried is celebrating his birthday with the court, under the manipulative gaze of Von Rothbart, now disguised in human form as the Queen's advisor. Siegfried’s mother presents him with a gift, the crossbow of his late father. She decrees that he must choose a royal bride at a palace ball to be held in his honour the following evening. Weighed down by the responsibilities of both kingdom and imminent marriage, Benno comforts Siegfried.

Von Rothbart orders Siegfried to go inside. Siegfried refuses and wanders away alone.


Benno, concerned for the Prince, has followed Siegfried to a clearing by the lake. He urge the Prince to return to the palace. Siegfried resists all talk of marriage.

Alone again, Siegfried sees a flock of swans flying high above. To his amazement, one lands and transforms into a beautiful maiden, the Princess Odette. Captivated, he approaches her tentatively with the reassurance that he means her no harm. Odette shares that she is a victim of Von Rothbart’s curse that compels her to live as a swan by day; only at night, by the lake created from her mother’s tears, is she able to return to human form. The curse can be broken only by one who has never loved before and who pledges an oath of undying love to her.

Von Rothbart appears and Odette begs him not to harm the Prince. Siegfried attempts to shoot Von Rothbart but Odette explains that the curse cannot be lifted if the sorcerer is killed. Odette and the Prince express their love for each other.

As dawn breaks, the power of Von Rothbart draws Odette away from Siegfried and she changes back into a swan.



Having rushed back from the lake, Siegfried is met by Benno who instructs him to prepare for the ball.

Von Rothbart welcomes the royal guests who have travelled from distant lands. The Queen realizes that Siegfried is missing and commands Benno to distract the court. Siegfried finally arrives and is ordered by his mother to choose a bride from four beautiful princesses. Reluctantly he dances with each in turn but, still entranced by the memory of Odette, refuses to make a choice.

Von Rothbart seizes his moment. A fanfare signals the entrance of an uninvited guest, Odile. By Von Rothbart’s magic, she appears identical to Odette. Siegfried cannot believe that his beloved has arrived. Relieved at her son’s change of heart, the Queen invites the Spanish, Hungarian, Neapolitan, and Polish guests to entertain the court.

Siegfried is dazzled by Odile’s beauty. Odette, appearing as a vision, tries in vain to warn Siegfried of the deceit. Sensing nothing wrong, Siegfried chooses Odile for his bride. Von Rothbart triumphantly takes her hand and gives it to Siegfried who, in the presence of everyone, promises a vow of marriage and eternal love. Von Rothbart reveals his true identity and takes control of the palace. Grief stricken, Siegfried returns to the lake.



By the lake, the swans anxiously await Odette’s retur